Friday, 27 November 2015

Is It Possible To Lay Wood Flooring Over Carpet?

Performance has significant role in today's fast moving world. Everybody wants to live in a dream house. Therefore, the possibility of laying wood flooring over carpet is the biggest question for most home owners. Flooring is a major part of a house and it enhances the beauty and comfort of a home. Carpet suffers from usual wear and tear and discoloration over time. Therefore, replacing carpet with hard wood floor is the best option in such case. Wood flooring installation can bring elegance to your home. This can be done without spending too much money.

Replacing carpets with wood floor means removing carpet to make a way for new finish material. However, most home owners remove carpets completely to get back the original floor surface. But, some people think that ripping out a carpet needs lots of effort. Some others do not like to rip out their pristine carpets. Tearing up the carpet is a troubling job for some home owners. So, it would be really thrilling to lay hardwood over carpet without damaging it. Still, you may ask the question, is it possible?

The simple answer is, yes, of course! Laying wood flooring over carpet is possible if your carpet is fairly flat, which is helpful for preventing the chances of having uneven surfaces to walk on. Foam padding of carpet may cause your hardwood floor to bounce or spring. When you install wood flooring over carpet, you must ensure that the measurements are right. It is essential to ensure that the wood flooring fits quite snugly. Wood flooring should also be avoided in places that are susceptible to wetness.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Wood Flooring Over Carpet

Understand the Installation Process

Before deciding to install wood flooring over carpet, you must try to understand the installation process. Lots of factors should be considered when you decide to install wood flooring over carpet. Carpets must be laid flat to avoid creaking and other problems after the installation of wooden flooring. But, in most cases, carpets may not be flat completely. In such cases, it should be removed completely before installing wood flooring. Removing bumps and dips of carpet is a difficult task. However, it can be done very easily if you hire a professional floor installer. Hiring an efficient and experienced floor installer is also essential for getting a good floor finish.

Get the Best Floor Installer

If you are not sure whether laying wood flooring over carpet is possible, you can seek the advice of a professional floor installer or company. A professional can provide you options whether removing carpet would be the best method for installing hardwood. However, pulling up carpet is not a good idea if your carpet is very thin and the thickness is less than one quarter inch, and is suspended on wood sub-floor.

Dangers of Unsafe Flooring

Unsafe floor can create lots of dangerous problems. Proper flooring helps to provide you sufficient grip on the floor, which is essential for avoiding fatal injuries because it reduces the possibility of slipping. Besides, the floor must have the ability to absorb pressure, which helps to reduce the chance of breaking arms due to falls on surface. Concrete floors do not have the ability to absorb shocks. So, it may cause some ling term injuries to legs and feet. Proper flooring is essential to minimize accidents. So, comfort and pleasure of living in your own house depend on the selection of reliable flooring company. Professionalism means the best service. You can select the best flooring method that suits you most. If you get proper advice from experts, you can select the best method for your house.

Therefore, you must find a reliable and reputable flooring company in Singapore who are able to handle the job perfectly. Installing wood flooring over carpet will not be recommended by other manufacturers. But, they do not know the procedure to execute them. So, you must do some research and select the best company that can guarantee hassle free service and satisfaction at the end of the day.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

Carpets account for more than 50 percent of flooring sales. However, it is not always a better choice. High quality carpet flooring lasts only 8-15 years if you clean and care it consistently. However, engineered hardwood flooring can last up to 75 years and a solid hardwood flooring may last even 100 years. Replacing carpet is inevitable when it is worn.

Wooden flooring has become a significant factor in modern style. It can make a room feel more spacious. This is also helpful for complementing the tastes of many individuals. You can also remove pet dander, dust mites, dust and the other allergens very easily from hardwood floors. Carpets are the breeding house of these types of allergens and they will endanger the health of inhabitants.

Carpets are made with many harmful chemicals, which are released after the material is installed and unrolled. It is called off-gassing, which becomes worse in the first week and can go for years. Hardwood flooring is free from these types of dangers.

Compared to carpets, hardwood flooring is more Eco-friendly because it is made from natural, renewable products. You can also recycle hardwood floors. Vinyl carpet is 100 percent synthetic. Carpeting contributes 2 percent of landfill waste.

A good engineered or solid wood floor can add elegance and beauty to your home and it lasts for years. Professional flooring companies select wood on the basis of quality, so they can provide you a good wood flooring in many styles, finishes and colors. Good flooring is essential for leading a comfort life and improving the living standards. If beautiful flooring is your dream, you should select a reliable company, which has the efficiency to execute the work in the best possible way. They will not charge any hidden cost or documentation. Therefore, you must do various rectifications for getting a satisfactory work at the end.

A reputable and reliable company can complete the work on time without delay. Today, nobody has time to engage in work delays. Lots of false types of contractors are working in Singapore. You must be careful to avoid them while hiring a contractor. So, you should do an extensive research while hiring a flooring company.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Dogs?

Dogs are believed to be a man’s best friend. But how often can one tolerate scratches on the floors or pulled out wood strips from the flooring? Singapore is well known all over for a huge percentage of dog lovers residing in the country. Staining and footprints are still tolerable enough for lots of Singapore residents, but many a times the biggest issue one faces is weather to sacrifice their beloved pet or let go of their long awaited dream of a nice and beautiful wooden flooring
The necessary problems and precautions

The best way to handle the issue of scratches is opt for a regular timely visit to the nail cutter to get your dog’s nails trimmed to an acceptable level. The trimmed edges generally are often the sharpest. So filing them every time they are trimmed is a must.
Make a habit of making your dogs wear socks all the time they are inside the house. These socks are customized to fit and adjust as per their toes and claws. Let the training begin since they are pups. That will make them wait outside the door each time till those socks are nicely fitted into their toes. These socks will prevent scratches and foot prints on the floor.
Stripping off chunks of wooden floorings and biting are two problems that need to be dealt with psychological training. That’s the only possible option, unless you want to put mouth guards over their face.
Wetting and urinating at places of their choice is another very common problem. Though mopping might resolve the issue for time being but the problem does not stop there. Wood being an absorbable material, often the fluid seeps through the flooring and cause damage. Stripping, sanding and refurnishing become the only available option. The solution is either leave them out or train them well and keep an opening through the door for the lawn or the garden so each time the dog wants to urinate, it can rush out instead of doing it inside one’s home.

The choice of flooring for homes with pet dogs.
The perfect coat
A thick coat of high quality Urethane over the wooden flooring makes the floor more resistant to scratches and stains. This is currently one of the most commonly used coating technique in Singapore.
Laminating the floor is also an option but the slippery surface makes it difficult for pets to walk on the floor so placing rugs or floor mating becomes an extra necessity. 

Bamboo, the contrast choice
Singapore and Bamboo coincidently matches each other well. Bamboo is perhaps the most durable and strongest wood available. It is cheap, definitely renewable and completely scratch and stain proof. Dogs can easily run across the flooring without slipping or letting you worry about scratches and stains. Besides how can we forget that Bamboo flooring will change the look of the house? A traditional home with a modern outlook is the first choice of thought for anybody who enters the house. Bamboo flooring gives a true feeling of living amidst traditional Singapore culture
Hand scraped hardwood flooring
This is an intelligent choice of flooring. The uneven finish and roughly polished surface helps in camouflaging the stains and scratches very well because of the natural indentations and embarkations present. This kind of wooden flooring gives a great rustic character to the house along with solving the issue of scratches and stains. Red oak is perhaps a good option.

Maple – the Rambo of flooring
Maple is perhaps one of the other most durable options for wooden flooring. The self anti microbial property of the wood helps in preventing the growth of any kind of harmful microbes. The need to regularly clean the floor is also not there so making it one of the most easily maintainable choices of wooden flooring. This wood is comparatively more easily available in Singapore hardware markets along with also being one of the most logical choices aside from being a real sturdy and tough.
Hardwood –the multiple choice answer to wooden flooring
Hardwoods like hickory, Brazilian walnut, balsa, cherry are durable and also among the choices of Hardwoods that come within the budget of a simple middle class Singapore based family. They are scratch resistant and almost impossible to stain.
Choosing the right wooden flooring is very important when one has pets at home. Especially in case of dog than the choice should be made after a more detailed analysis. So choose and design your home keeping in mind the best option for both yourself and your beloved dog