Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tips for Maintaining Your Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are currently the new trend in town. Although marble floors will still have space in the home décor business, laminate flooring with hard-wood finish, durability as well as versatility are gradually and certainly leaving their mark.

Laminate floors offer the finest of both worlds - the splendor of natural hardwood together with easy, convenient maintenance as well as a reasonable price. By caring for the laminate floors, you’ll maintain their look and also increase their resilience as well as overall lifespan.

The floors are naturally unaffected by fading, moisture as well as staining thanks to their protective layer. However, adequate care is required in order to preserve the flooring's quality. Minus proper care, the floors can easily get damaged over a period of time and they’ll also lose their attractiveness. Luckily, caring for laminate floors is very easy with the right knowledge.

The Advantages of Laminate Floors

The most evident advantage of this type of floors is that they offer your home an attractive flooring option that’s the same as hard-wood floors, but at a cheaper price. Laminate floors may be laid on the existing tiled floors, stone, concrete floors, mosaic floors as well as any type of levelled and water-resistant floors. The floors are specially designed to be very easy to fit and they don’t need nails /glue. Therefore, despite the fact you will get a brand new floor at a cheaper price, your current floor will not be touched or harmed in any way.

Caring for Laminate Flooring

Even though laminate floors are durable and long-lasting, not properly taking care of the floors might result in severe damages. The floors are very resistant to spills, scratches, moisture as well as any other factors which can destroy hard wood floors. With these professional tips, you’ll be able to maintain your laminate flooring for a long period:

1. Keep Floors Clear of Dust
The first phase of keeping laminate floors looking new is regularly dusting them with a dry micro-fiber mop or a broom that has soft bristles. Keeping your laminate flooring without debris will greatly help to prohibit abrasions to its surface and also inhibit it from looking dull.

Besides soft, Swiffer-type mops, it’s also very important to frequently vacuum the laminate floors. Many vacuum cleaners offer a setting that’s specially meant for wood floors. It’s very important to evade vacuums that have metal pieces as well as rough surfaces which can scratch the floor. With a soft vacuum brush you’ll be able to effectively suck-up dust as well as debris without damaging your flooring.

2. Broom first. Then mop 
When you are caring for laminate floors, it’s very important that you be gentle. Therefore, you need to use a broom that has soft bristles to sweep all the dirt. You can also use a soft cloth to do this. In case you’ve pets at your home, you might find that their hair sticks very easily to laminate floors and thee can be a bit hard to clean using a broom and a mop. You have to take a minute to contemplate. Firstly, what was the pet doing on the laminate floors? (Pets might easily scratch as well as damage the sticky top part of the laminate floor. Your pets might not have elongated talons or claws, but it’s better that you keep them from the floor). Secondly, a light vacuum cleaner that has a great suction capacity can easily clean the hair. However, don’t use too much water so as to prevent water spots.

3. Don’t let spills dry
Laminate floors are completely designed to handle stains as they’re built to be tough on them. Therefore, if anything spills, don’t opt for the nearest chemical cleaner. Mostly, just a simple wipe using a soft wet cloth is adequate enough to clean food spills and you won’t have stains. The most important thing is to ensure that the spill does not dry since you might end up scrabbling the flooring’s protective surface while trying to clean up a dried spill. In case the flooring gets stained by either oil or paint, use a small amount acetone remover to lightly wipe the affected spot and then clean the area with a moist cloth immediately. You should seek professional help for stains that don’t go away using this method.

4. Use an Entry Mat
Debris as well as particles like gravel, sand, and dirt might be dragged on the laminate floors and therefore cause scratches. You should consider placing a mat at every entrance to your house so as to trap any debris. Moreover, ensure that you avoid wearing shoes while in the house.

Besides entry mats, you may also put mats in areas with high traffic. Mats are easy, operational way to minimize wear as well as tear on laminate flooring.

5. Steer clear of chemicals and abrasives
It is very important that you protect the resin-coated top part of laminate floors in order to ensure durability. Therefore, keep scrub pads, steel-wool scrubs, chemical-based cleaners as well as cleaners with detergent or soap base from your floors. Don’t try to wax or polish laminate floors so as to make them shine. Laminate floor repair paste is the only chemical that you can use on a laminate floor.

6. Use water, but in moderation
Although Water does not contain chemicals which can harm laminate floors, excessive water can also damage your floor. If water is not used correctly, it can effortlessly penetrate between the laminate panels and therefore make the underneath wood to bend and also become lumpy. To prevent this, ensure that you wet clothes for a swift wipe and also ensure that you clean up any spillages very quickly.

7. Once a year, go for a deep-clean
Regardless of your day-to-day cleaning routine, there will always be some extent of hazing as well as film build up. It is unavoidable. Therefore, we recommend deep cleaning a once-a-year. This is important since the professionals know how to clean invisible places by doing this you will make sure that your laminate flooring will last for a long period of time.


Laminate floors matches the attractiveness of natural hardwood with easy, untroubled maintenance. You will get many years of great performance from laminate flooring with just a little preparation and knowledge.